About the CIAU

About the CIAU


Briefly about the Creative Industries Association of Ukraine (CIAU). Our values, principles and opportunities for creators.

1. CIAU Purpose:

The Creative Industries Association of Ukraine (CIAU)  – is a non-profit organization that creates products and provides services aimed at fostering the development of creative industries in Ukraine and promotion of Ukrainian creatives in the global market:
  • we let creators tell their stories to ensure their presence in the Ukrainian information space;
  • we consult to improve the quality of noteworthy creative projects;
  • we introduce new names and faces to markets in Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Northern America;
  • we provide solutions to reach communication goals and fulfil operational needs;
  • we develop our own projects that inspire others to dream big and aim higher.

2. CIAU Team Philosophy

Our working principle is different from many other organizations you may know. We do not demand that you become a member of the CIAU to take advantage of the association’s support capability or even to use some of our products for your monetization purposes.

3. CIAU Vision

We aspire to grow organically and gradually to be truly representative of the industry all along the way. And we intend to be relevant for the Ukrainian market to address the needs of Ukrainian cultural and creative industries. That is why we listen to the industry and develop products and services that help individual creators and partners of the CIAU.

4. Products & Services

Most of the basic services provided by the CIAU and our partners are free of charge. All the products with basic features that are necessary for one’s personal use can also be consumed free of charge. Additionally there are many special proposals reserved specifically for the association’s partners and members. If you need an additional expert assessment, extended service package, or access to additional functions of our products, contact us to learn more about the terms of service.

5. Partnership & Collaboration

We value true partnerships – that’s why we are not chasing after a vast number of inactive members. CIAU welcomes those organizations and individuals among its partners that are willing to contribute to developing a healthy ecosystem for creative and cultural collaborations in Ukraine.

6. Opportunities

We strive to inspire others by providing a platform where creatives, entrepreneurs, government officials, artists, and everyone else can share their insights. You can share your stories, analytics, and insights with the editorial team of creativity.ua – CIAU’a official media. You can meet unorthodox individuals at our events, share opinions on issues that are important for the industry, discuss them with the like-minded professionals at the association’s committees. These interactions and partnerships will enable you to carry out new initiatives for the good of the industry as a whole.

7. Statutory Documents

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