Equal Opportunities

There are many people and many projects that no one has heard about. From our own experience, we know how difficult it is to find partners who will believe in you. That’s why at CIAU we offer a wide range of services and create new formats that help bring interesting projects to life and put new names into the spotlight.

Innovations for the Industry

We listen to the industry, we hear the industry, and we foster growth within the industry. The CIAU products are designed to effectively aid with reaching communication goals and solving operational tasks. We are well aware, how difficult it is to implement innovative ideas without the proper support. This is why we have created and continued developing our portfolio of products and services that we and our partners provide for the creative industries.

Creativity in Everything

Unconventional thinking in business, government and public sectors uncover creative solutions that form new trends, produce added value and even bring about social transformations which are the most evocatively proven by the works that win awards at international festivals, such as Cannes Lions. We aid with the search for fresh and creative solutions and have an extensive network of partners both in Ukraine and abroad.

Products & Services

We aim to enrich creators’ work by improving efficiency and enabling seamless and productive collaboration with colleagues

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Feedback about our work

“The CIAU Brainstorms tool helped us unite a new editorial team and saved hours of work.”

Pavlo Novikov Radio HV host – about CIAU Brainstorms in UkraineNext, a magazine issue created within 24 hours

“I’m very glad to see that the public has chosen to take an active stance and join the voting, which is why we have a truly transparent tendering process now.”

Yuliia Fediv Executive Director of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation (UCF – about Creative Challenge 2019)

“Without creativity and innovations, everything withers and dies nowadays.”

Olexandr Pedan Showman, TV presenter, and blogger – at the IV Creative Industries Forum

“Be bold. Life’s too short to squander it.” 

Vlad Troitskyi stage director, playwright, founder of GogolFest, NOVAOPERA Project, Dakh Theater, and bands DakhaBrakha, Dakh Daughters and TseSho – at the II Creative Industries Forum

“Such events are very important, they free creatives from their boundaries.”

Roman Vintoniv (Michael Shchur) Journalist, TV presenter, screenwriter, and founder of the TV of Toronto Show – about the II Creative Industries Forum

«Perfect. Great platform and work»

Laura Esteves Executive Creative Director DPZ&T Publicis Group, Brazil – about the CIAU Contests system and works submitted to YLC 2020


Projects Backed

Events Held

Articles Published

Student Internships Provided

The CIAU is always open to new ideas and collaborations


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