Tenders & Contests

Tenders & Contests

Creative Challenge

The Creative Challenge – is a format for the implementation of the public creative tender process. It eliminates unnecessary bureaucracy and focuses only on the effectiveness of ideas and proposed solutions that meet the demands of business and society. 
Created with the principle of maximum transparency and inclusiveness in mind (rather than exclusivity and behind-the-scenes arrangements), this is a creative tender format that involves professionals from different fields to producing, rating and propelling the solutions. The format is used to develop socially responsible creative and communication campaigns for not-for-profit organizations, municipal and other government agencies, where the importance of transparency and involvement of different audiences is on a par with the quality of the developed solutions. This format is perfect for but is not limited to just corporate social responsibility initiatives.  When maximum publicity is required, each stage of the tender is monitored by the media and the public. Decisions can also be made with the involvement of all relevant audiences, not just the jury experts. The format has now been adapted for online to face the restrictions on public events because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Creative Challenge is implemented by the Association of Creative Industries under the exclusive license of the Cannes Lions Representative Office in Ukraine. Since 2015, three events were held to address the communication tasks of the not-for-profit organizations and social initiatives. Among others, with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), a creative concept was developed for the promotion of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. 

CIAU Contests

The organization of contests and tenders became much easier now, thanks to a new platform created specifically to provide access to the international experts affiliated with the Creative Industries Association and its partners. Just contact the CIAU and we will take care of everything else.

The competition system meets all the requirements for the protection of copyright and related intellectual property rights, user and participants’ privacy, adhering to the standards and requirements for the quality of international competitions and tenders.

Each year Cannes Lions in Ukraine holds local contests for young creatives. Based on the local contest results, some creative communications professionals are granted the chance to take part in the final stage of the Young Lions Competitions that takes place in France during the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.
Since 2020 the contests are held via the CIAU Contests platform. Starting 2021, the contest platform will be used abroad as well.

The format was adapted for remote events due to restrictions imposed on public events because of COVID-19.
This system can be easily modified to hold creative tenders for business purposes. Even creative talent can now be hired via the contests held among the candidates for a vacancy of a designer, creative director, illustrator, copyrighter, PR manager, etc.

For the corporate segment, where confidentiality is required, creative tenders may be held with limited publicity, with additional PR support during the event and upon the competition’s completion if required. Advanced features and white-label systems are also available. For more information, contact the CIAU Association or visit the IDEAS Accelerator partner website.

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