The winners of Young Lions Competitions Ukraine 2020

Новини ENThe winners of Young Lions Competitions Ukraine 2020

The winners of Young Lions Competitions Ukraine 2020

The winners of Young Lions Competitions Ukraine 2020 are determined


An international jury selected the winners of the Ukrainian Young Lions Competitions in the categories Print, Film and Design, which will represent Ukraine at the international stage of the competition during the Cannes Lions Festival in 2021. Recall that the participants of all three categories were developing creative ways to fight child poverty for the brief from UNICEF Ukraine.

“Each time I wonder how in 24 hours young creators of Young Lions Competitions manage to grasp the essence of the problem and with their works to make the viewer think, look at the situation from a new angle. This year the participants got a difficult topic of child poverty, which in society has not yet learned to talk about without stigma or pity. But the participants found ideas how to talk about constructive solutions and equal opportunities for children. We hope that soon the work of creators can be seen in UNICEF campaigns,” comments Laura Bill, Deputy Head of the UNICEF Office in Ukraine.

According to the absolute number of points from the international expert jury (the total of points on the 4th assessment criteria: compliance with the brief’s objectives, creativity of the idea, strategy including insight, quality of performance) the prizes were distributed as follows:


PRINT category

23 teams took part

1st place – Anastasia Zaitseva, Maxim Skorik, BBDO Ukraine & I am IDEA (rating point – 6, 8125).

2nd place – Grigory Nesmashny, Lisa Makaritskaya, ANGRY (rating point – 6, 7625).

3rd place – Anna Udovenko, Dmitry Onishchenko, Bart & Fink (rating point – 6, 6625).


FILM Category

21 teams participated

1st place – Maya Miroshnichenko, Daria Nazarenko, Forside production (rating point – 7, 4142).

2nd place – Daniel Tkachenko, Alexander Titarchuk, freelance & Fedoriv Agency (rating point – 7, 2571).

3rd place – Alexandra Scherbakov, Olesya Bondar, banda (rating point – 7, 1857).


DESIGN category

14 teams took part

1st place – Daniel Nesterevich, Victoria Kharchenko, banda & Windfor’s Kyiv (rating point – 7, 5833).

2nd place – Leonid Nakonechnyi, Miroslava Shevchenko, RB (rating point – 7.05)

3rd place – Ekaterina Paraschuk, Bogdan Zakharia, Lead Line IT (rating point – 6.9833).

The works of the winners can be viewed on the link: 

The jury’s comments and a detailed split of votes and scores for the shortlisted entries are available to participants in their entries in the competition system of the Association of Creative Industries (CIAU).

We would like to remind you that each member of the team that took 2nd and 3rd places in the competition categories can choose any course from SKVOT and take it for free during 2020. Details are given by the organizers on request.

According to the rules of the local competition, the winners (1st place) also get a prize fund, which covers part of the costs associated with participation in the international stage. The prize fund of each category is formed by the entrance fees of the participants.


Konstantin Kuznetsov, the official representative of Cannes Lions in Ukraine, Chairman of the Board of CIAU comments: “It is very pleasant to see that the quantity and quality of the competition works is increasing. Of course, we are working with our partners to ensure that the number of participants increases and this allows us to fully cover the cost of the winning team’s participation in the international stage. We also believe that our efforts to develop the contest system were an additional step towards improving the contest. However, traditionally we call for cooperation with all those interested in developing opportunities for representatives of creative industries and young professionals in Ukraine. The first step to this may be participation in #YCC, because this committee will deal with the development strategy of the creative communications segment.

Creative Industries Association of Ukraine (CIAU) and Cannes Lions official representative office in Ukraine are grateful to all partners who supported Young Lions Competitions Ukraine 2020:

The organization that provided the briefs YLC Ukraine: UNICEF Ukraine

Exclusive content provider of YLC Ukraine: Depositphotos

Infopartners: Projector, SKVOT,,,, Say-Hi,, Media Resources Management.


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