Young Lions Marketers Competition Ukraine 2020 winner

Новини EN Young Lions Marketers Competition Ukraine 2020 winner

 Young Lions Marketers Competition Ukraine 2020 winner

 Young Lions Marketers Competition Ukraine 2020 winner has been announced


Volodymyr Sobolev and Karyna Koreyba team, that suggested the strategy on Backstage beauty salons brand, will present Ukraine at Young Lions Marketers Competition during Cannes Lions festival in 2021. 


Young Lions Marketers Competition was firstly held in Ukraine. During it companies’ and brands’ representatives were working on a brief which was given by All-Ukrainian Youth Center and the USAID Ukrainian Confidence Building Initiative (UCBI ІІ). The participants had to suggest communication strategies that would share the ideas of youth activation and strengthening public responsibility in Ukraine. These strategies had to be included to brand’s marketing mix which the team of participants presented. 


By the absolute number of points from the Ukrainian expert jury (the total of points according to 4 evaluation criteria: compliance with the tasks of the brief, creativity of the idea, strategy including insight, quality of performance) Volodymyr Sobolev and Karyna Koreyba team is defined to be the winner. The team presented the strategy on Backstage beauty salons brand. And, with all inclusive terms, will present Ukraine at Young Lions Marketers Competition during Cannes Lions 2021.


According to the winners’ insight, the phrases “social activism” or “social responsibility” do not always evoke positive associations. Even among the audience of potential “social reformers”. In the given strategy the team showed the way of involving woman into the social changes from the small self-dependent steps with a favourite chain to the development of independent projects that can change the society. 

Winners presentation:


2 place – Lilia Bondarenko, Kateryna Konsevych, Danone 


3 place – Anastasia Hetman, Valentyn Shevchenko, Nestle 


Shadrach Ludeman: We are pleased that the topic of how to encourage social activism has interested young Ukrainian brands and well-known international brands. It is an important topic for Ukrainian society and it is equally that active citizenship and civic responsibility be effectively promoted through a wide variety of different channels of communication. Communication through brands provides an exciting opportunity because of their huge audiences as well as their creativity. I thank all the participants for their ideas and the jury who chose the best team to compete among international teams. In turn, we will consider all the strategies in more detail and hold meetings with the winning team, as well as with the teams that developed interesting and realistic ideas to address this important challenge. I am confident that this initiative will have a positive impact on encouraging young people to become more active citizens of Ukraine.


The rating and jury’s comments of all the works can be reviewed at the participant’s office at CIAU competition system. 


“As Cannes Lions festival official representatives, we are often asked: is the global brand important for the victory in Cannes? And we will not stop emphasizing that Cannes Lions, as well as other festivals and creativity contests are foremost about people and their amazing ideas, not about brands. 16 professionals of the marketing and communication segment noted the accuracy of the strategy of team-winner at the local YMC contest. The idea won, not the brand. Moreover, honestly speaking, all the 12 teams, that delved into the brief and offered interesting solutions to the topical issue, won. At the moment, the Creative Industries Association of Ukraine is starting searching partners for the possible embodiment of the suggested ideas”Konstantin Kuznyetsov, the Cannes Lions official representative in Ukraine, Chairman of the Creative Industries Association of Ukraine (CIAU), is commenting. 


Serhiy Kryvoguz, director of the All-Ukrainian Youth Center, adds: “I would like to express my gratitude to all those who took part, put a lot of effort and all their creativity. Communications are now evolving and changing at breakneck speed, so we need to respond accordingly. We are sure that with such people as the participants of our competition, everything will work out! Thank you and we wish you further success! ”


Andriy Atroshchenko, Deputy Director of the All-Ukrainian Youth Center, emphasizes: “It is very, very cool to see how the experience of teams from the commercial sector is transformed into socially important communication strategies. The results of all teams will be provided to the network of youth centers of Ukraine, where they can be used for specific projects. Well, what a competition without winners, congratulations to the team of Karina and Vladimir! The strategy you have developed is a vivid example of how the small steps of each citizen’s activity change the goals of society and the country! ”


Creative Industries Association of Ukraine grateful to the partners – The USAID Ukrainian Confidence Building Initiative (UCBI II), the All-Ukrainian Youth Center which supported the competition and covered the costs of the trip to Cannes for the winning team. To Infopartners, Creativity UA, CASES Media, MMR,, #ShoTam, Association of Corporate Media of Ukraine and to all those who joined the announcement of the competition.”


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