IT products for the creative industry instead of the Forum

Новини ENIT products for the creative industry instead of the Forum

IT products for the creative industry instead of the Forum

IT products for the creative industry instead of the Forum: why Forum : why Forum of the creative industries was postponed to 2021

The Association of Creative Industries of Ukraine (CIAU) postpones the Forum of Creative Industries to September 2021. Instead, the CIAU team focused all of its resources on improving its own products and developments that can be used by the industry.

Was the Forum planned in 2020?

“Yes, we traditionally planned to hold the most creative business event of the fall and saw this as a special symbolism of the union” — the CIAU says — “Every year, despite the conditions, we listen to the industry to understand the needs of different segments when forming the concept and program of the Forum. That is why the Forum’s program is always very rich in both formats and types of content.”

This year the team of the Association found an opportunity to adapt both the format and the concept of the Forum. And even planned to introduce the ability to monetize their content to representatives of different segments, despite the fact that the Forum was and remains unprofitable for the organizers.

“First of all, we wanted to unite everyone at the Forum to make the voice of the industry more visible. But we took a pause to rationally rethink the current challenges of the industry” — the Association adds.

And still, why did you decide not to hold the Forum?

“First of all, a sense of responsibility to our own team and teams of experts prevailed. After all, in order to implement the Forum qualitatively, social contacts would be inevitable” — the Forum organizers explain.

However, the main reason the CIAU team sees is that the vast majority of Ukrainian companies’ teams are still in a state of transformation, and pandemic survival themes are heard at all industry-wide online events.

“We have decided to focus all our efforts and funding on creating useful tools that would allow the industry to continue to work. That is why we consider it important to help strengthen teams through digital tools from the CIAU. Therefore, we have developed and tested a number of products at our own events that help solve a number of operational and communication problems” — the Association of Creative Industries of Ukraine notes.

What services and IT products for the creative industry are we talking about?

Products that increase the efficiency of remote work and decision making, tools for conducting your own events and their monetization. In addition, the products of harmonization of coordination and cooperation between different organizers of events, competitions, etc. All services and IT products will be available to the creative industry this year. Most importantly, the vast majority of products in the basic version will be free. More details about everything will soon appear on the official website of the Association of Creative Industries.

And what about the Forum in 2021?

The 5th Creative Industries Forum has been postponed to September 2021. The forum will traditionally be the final event of the Creativity Days, which will begin in February 2021.

“And we dream to hear even more stories of the success of the Ukrainian creative class. And in order for this to become a reality, we consider it important to already help not only with words, but with concrete affairs and products” — the organizers add. 

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